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All students of DiscountArizonaTrafficSchool.com must have their identities verified and complete each of the course’s sections and the final exam in order to receive a completion certificate. No sections may be skipped or bypassed. You are required to spend a minimum of 240 minutes (4 hours) and a maximum of 270 minutes (4 1/2 hours) participating in this program. However, chapter reviews conducted on your own time will not be counted toward the time requirement. DiscountArizonaTrafficSchool.com will not issue certificates of completion if the participant has not successfully passed all sections, including the final exam.


As required by the State of Arizona, the final exam is divided into two (2) parts: a 25-question environmental exam, and a 25-question content exam. You must only pass the 25-question environmental exam to pass the course.

The 25-question environmental exam asks you for details from our DiscountArizonaTrafficSchool.com course that only a participating student would know. This exam won’t necessarily involve traffic safety materials in the course. IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have one (1) attempt to pass the environmental exam with a score of 80% or better.

As the environmental exam is an important part of the final exam, important items you find throughout the course that will be included in the exam are marked by an asterisk (*) and a note to remember the item. Again, any items brought to your attention will not necessarily have anything to do with traffic safety. Please take note of these items as this exam is NOT open book. If you are unable to pass the environmental exam, you will be expelled from the program, and you will not be entitled to a refund.

The 25-question content exam tests your knowledge of traffic safety as presented in the course. As this exam is for review purposes only, you may take it as often as you like. This exam only to help you evaluate your performance; your score will have no effect on your status in our program.


Upon registration, you will be asked to answer numerous multiple-choice personal validation questions that will be used to verify your identity throughout the course. At random times during the course, you will be asked some of these questions again, and you must answer them as you did at the start.

Important Note: You will be given two (2) minutes to answer each question. If you are unable to provide the correct answer within the two (2) minute time limit, you will be disqualified from the course, and you will not be entitled to a refund. You should have no difficulty answering these questions within the two (2) minute time limit since they are based on information that you provide. It is the policy of DiscountArizonaTrafficSchool.com to protect the privacy of our students by securing confidential information, including answers to personal validation questions and all student data in both paper and electronic formats. We protect all student information in our fire-walled, secured, and encrypted network. Only authorized personnel are permitted to access to these records.

The Arizona Supreme Court requires that your identity be positively verified prior to participating in the Defensive Driving Center, Inc.’s Arizona course. This requirement can be easily fulfilled by providing us a copy of your state-issued driver’s license.

You may fax, email, or mail us a copy of your government-issued driver’s license. The information on your license must match the information printed on your citation. Note: Driver’s Licenses often copy too dark when faxed or scanned. Please make sure that ALL INFORMATION is LEGIBLE (easily readable) on ALL COPIES before you fax or email them to us. If the copies are too light or too dark, they may not fax properly and may delay the activation of your account.


The State of Arizona allows drivers to attend a defensive driving course to dismiss a citation once every 12 month period. The 12 month period begins from the date of the last citation for which you completed a defensive driving course and ends on the date of your current citation. If at least 12 months have elapsed between these dates, you are eligible.

DiscountArizonaTrafficSchool.com is authorized to dismiss only one (1) qualifying violation. Therefore, if you are cited for more than one (1) violation, you should refer to your court for directions on processing your other violations.

You are not eligible to attend DiscountArizonaTrafficSchool.com or any other defensive driving program in Arizona to dismiss a citation if: (1) your citation involves a death or serious physical injury; or (2) you held a commercial driver’s license either at the time of the violation or the time in which you participate in this defensive driving course.


The DiscountArizonaTrafficSchool.com course may be cancelled at any time for a refund of all fees, assuming that you have not already participated in any part of the program. Once payment has been received, you may not cancel your enrollment, and no refund will be granted. The State of Arizona Supreme Court requires that court diversion programs be completed at least seven (7) days prior to the court appearance date. Therefore no refund will be granted if you fail to complete the course within the time requirement. Attempting to circumvent the security systems or disqualification due to cheating or failing the exams will also not warrant a refund. However, a refund of course fees will be granted due to any of the following cases: verifiable course technical issues or system failures at any time, if they prevent your participation in the course and are not corrected by DiscountArizonaTrafficSchool.com within 24 hours; failure of the ticketing officer to file your citation with the court of jurisdiction; or at the direction of the court.


You must participate in the DiscountArizonaTrafficSchool.com without the assistance of a third party. For example, you may use notes with you for the final examination, ask for answers to exam questions, tamper with course timers, or attempt any other means of circumventing course requirements. In the event DiscountArizonaTrafficSchool.com becomes aware that you have violated the course policies and procedures in any way, you will be dismissed from the program, and the court that issued your citation will be notified. The State of Arizona Supreme Court’s Defensive Driving Program Administration will also be notified of the offense. If you fail the course, you will be referred back to the court that issued your citation as you will not be permitted to continue. In neither scenario will a refund be granted to you.


An official certificate of completion will be issued by DiscountArizonaTrafficSchool.com once you have completed the program in its entirety without any outside assistance.

Note: You will not be graduated from our program unless you have fulfilled all course requirements.


DiscountArizonaTrafficSchool.com is committed to offering a quality, educational and accurate defensive driving program. Once you have passed the final examination and the program, we will ask you to fill out a short evaluation about the program to let us know what you thought. Your input is extremely important to us.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register for the Arizona online driving course?

    Registration is just a few clicks away. Click here and get started. Or you can register by phone at 855-374-9891. Questions? We will answer them anytime, 24/7.

  • How much does the course cost?

    Our Arizona traffic school program costs only $29.95 and includes high-quality, state-approved course, final exam, and completion certificate. Also included are free round-the-clock live customer support and transfer of your completion certificate to the court. This cost is only for the safe driver course and does not include court fees, state surcharges, or the ticket fine.

  • Can I pay online?

    Yes! Paying online is easy through our secure server, which is completely safe and privacy protected. You are welcome to pay by phone anytime by calling 855-374-9891, or send a check or money order.

  • What is the value of taking an Arizona driving school course?

    The most important benefit to safe driving is that it saves lives. The course teaches you current Arizona traffic laws, tools for avoiding dangerous and reckless drivers, and why it's so important to avoid the two most common causes of accidents: speeding and following other cars too closely. Added benefits are removing points from your driving record and protecting yourself against auto insurance rate hikes. In essence, defensive driving saves lives and saves money!

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