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Although the main reason that most people attend an AZ defensive driving course is to dismiss a traffic citation, this was not the intention behind its development. The defensive driving course was designed to gives drivers the tools to be safer on the road. While Arizona defensive driving courses still teach these lessons, some drivers fail to realize the importance of driving defensively. The state of Arizona, however, still places a high priority on traffic safety. The Arizona Department of Public Safety gives defensive driving tips that cover some of the topics discussed in our course. If you would like a taste of the information you will learn about in a AZ defensive driving course or are simply interested in improving your safety on the road, the following defensive driving tips will come in handy:

Drive with Care

AZ Defensive Driving TechniquesAs 2007’s Miss Arizona, Nicole Turner, will tell you on the Drive with Care page, traffic safety “is something that really hits home for me”. She, like many of us, lost someone close to her due to careless driving. She made her platform one that fights against these unnecessary causalities. Working closely with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Turner made it here mission to spread her “To Drive with Care” program across the state. The program urges drivers to follow the traffic safety rules and laws in an effort to keep you, your passengers and other drivers safe. Turner’s friend lost his life when he was thrown from a car. She urges drivers to buckle up, saying, “Seat belts come in all cars and all you have to do is buckle up. It’s so easy.”

Avoid Aggressive Driving

Aggressive Driving is a big problem in Arizona. Defined as “a progression of unlawful driving actions,” the escalation of aggressive driving has been the cause of many traffic accidents and deaths. Aggressive drivers often speed, tailgate, pass improperly and express frustration towards other drivers. In the event that you find yourself getting worked up while on the road, it is best to try to remain calm. Breathe slowly, focus on the road and obey posted speed limits. If you are stuck in traffic and at risk of being late, just accept it. Showing up late is better than not showing up at all. If you encounter an aggressive driver while on the road, the best defensive driving tip is to ignore and avoid them. Don’t react or respond to their hostile actions as doing so will probably only anger them more. If the environment gets serious, the safest thing to do is report the activity to local law enforcement.

Don’t Drive While Impaired

By now, we all know how dangerous Impaired Driving can be. If you aren’t aware of the dangers associated with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please Enroll in our AZ defensive driving course now. For the rest of us, we’ve all heard the stories and statistics. Some of us, however, still think it’s okay to get behind the wheel under deadly circumstances. Do you know how many cocktails you can have before you are over the BAC limit? Do you know that driving while under the influence of marijuana can be just as bad a drunk driving? Are you aware that thousands of lives and dollars are wasted because people still get behind the wheel while impaired? Our course will teach you everything you need to know about this topic. For now, we can give a few defensive driving tips regarding impaired driving: Don’t do it. Even if you think you are okay, hand over the keys or call a cab. It’s not worth it.

Only Drive While Rested

Did you know that driving while tired can be as dangerous as driving while drunk? Driver Fatigue is a growing problem on our roads. Without adequate sleep, your reaction time and attentiveness is diminished. There is also an increased change of driving aggressively when you are tired. If you go 19 hours without sleep and then get behind the wheel, it’s like driving with a BAC of .05%. If you’ve been up for 24 hours or more, it is as dangerous as driving with a BAC of .10%. To combat driving in this dangerous way, make sure that you are well rested before you get into the driver’s seat. If you feel tired, take a nap or ask somebody else to drive. Don’t believe false defensive driving techniques like drinking coffee, roiling down the window or turning up the radio to stay alert; they don’t work.

Take an AZ Defensive Driving Course!

Before you get on the road again, make sure that you are using these defensive driving tips to help ensure your safety on the road. If you would like to learn more defensive driving techniques or need to dismiss a traffic ticket, Sign Up for our AZ defensive driving course today!

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    Registration is just a few clicks away. Click here and get started. Or you can register by phone at 855-374-9891. Questions? We will answer them anytime, 24/7.

  • How much does the course cost?

    Our Arizona traffic school program costs only $29.95 and includes high-quality, state-approved course, final exam, and completion certificate. Also included are free round-the-clock live customer support and transfer of your completion certificate to the court. This cost is only for the safe driver course and does not include court fees, state surcharges, or the ticket fine.

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  • What is the value of taking an Arizona driving school course?

    The most important benefit to safe driving is that it saves lives. The course teaches you current Arizona traffic laws, tools for avoiding dangerous and reckless drivers, and why it's so important to avoid the two most common causes of accidents: speeding and following other cars too closely. Added benefits are removing points from your driving record and protecting yourself against auto insurance rate hikes. In essence, defensive driving saves lives and saves money!

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