Yuma County Defensive Driving

Yuma County Defensive Driving
For the outdoor adventurers, nature enthusiasts, bird lovers, and park hoppers, Yuma County, Arizona has all that you could ever need. From hiking and camping to extreme sand dunes and water sports, this Arizona County is the perfect place to get out and play. However, with all the excitement you will have traveling to these back roads, you might want to get there as quick as possible, which involves speeding. If you received and Arizona traffic ticket getting to your vacation destination or if you are a resident, then our Yuma County Defensive Driving school is here to help you!

Our online Arizona defensive driving program is here to make sure that you are rid of your Arizona traffic ticket before it causes any negativity on your driving record. This state-approved course is in compliance with the Arizona Supreme Court and has aided motorists state-wide with their ticket dismissal. Why procrastinate a moment longer? Sign up today for our Arizona defensive driving course!
Course Features

Why Choose Yuma County Defensive Driving

Our Yuma County Defensive Driving course has been a trusted leader in the state of Arizona for dismissing moving traffic violations for years. Our online course is the ideal way for you to clear your Arizona traffic ticket for many reasons. Below, are a few of the reasons motorists come to our course:

  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Easy, secure, reliable
  • FREE downloadable copy of your completion certificate upon graduation
  • FREE submission of your certificate to the court you are working with
  • Log off and on as you need without losing course progression
  • No more classrooms
  • No hidden fees
  • Friendly, well-informed and helpful staff members
  • And more!

Our online Arizona defensive driving program is designed to be a convenient and easy way to dismiss your moving traffic violation. With straightforward text material and engaging graphics, this course will be a breeze! If at any time you need to log off of the course, we have broken the program up by sections, making it easy to find a stopping point. When you are ready to jump back into the Yuma County Defensive Driving course, you will simply start from where you last left off.

Fulfill your Arizona Supreme Court requirements and register for our online course today!

Yuma County Defensive Driving

There are many defensive driving courses in Arizona, but not all of them are as simple as they may lead you to believe. Our Yuma County Defensive Driving course is the easy and convenient way for you to dismiss your Arizona traffic ticket. In just three (3) steps, you will be on your way to a clear driving record!

  1. Sign up. Just fill out all of the needed information on our registration form and send in a copy of your driver’s license and moving traffic violation. These two documents are required by the state of Arizona so we can have your eligibility confirmed.
  2. Log in to our Arizona defensive driving program. Once we verify your eligibility, we will contact you within a 24 hour period. When we do this, you will be able to start your course.
  3. Finish and graduate our Yuma County Defensive Driving school!

After you complete our online defensive driving course, we will send your certificate of completion to the proper courthouse. You will also be able to print a downloadable copy of your certificate as soon as you graduate for your own records.

Our course is so easy, it’ll feel as if you didn’t even receive a traffic violation!

Approved Courts

Our Yuma County Defensive Driving school is Arizona state-approved. Therefore, all courts in Yuma County will accept your certificate of completion from our course.

Approved Courts

Resource Links

Yuma County

Arizona Supreme Court

Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD)

Arizona Defensive Driving for a Different County

Did you obtain your Arizona traffic ticket from a different county? Our Arizona defensive driving course can still help you! Since we are a state-approved program, we will be able to assist you in your traffic needs, no matter the county.

  • Cochise County
  • Coconino County
  • Maricopa County
  • Mohave County
  • Pima County
  • Pinal County
  • Yavapai County
  • And more!

Don’t put off dismissing your moving traffic violation any longer! Click Here to view a complete list of courts and counties for which we are approved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register for the Arizona online driving course?

    Registration is just a few clicks away. Click here and get started. Or you can register by phone at 855-374-9891. Questions? We will answer them anytime, 24/7.

  • How much does the course cost?

    Our Arizona traffic school program costs only $29.95 and includes high-quality, state-approved course, final exam, and completion certificate. Also included are free round-the-clock live customer support and transfer of your completion certificate to the court. This cost is only for the safe driver course and does not include court fees, state surcharges, or the ticket fine.

  • Can I pay online?

    Yes! Paying online is easy through our secure server, which is completely safe and privacy protected. You are welcome to pay by phone anytime by calling 855-374-9891, or send a check or money order.

  • What is the value of taking an Arizona driving school course?

    The most important benefit to safe driving is that it saves lives. The course teaches you current Arizona traffic laws, tools for avoiding dangerous and reckless drivers, and why it's so important to avoid the two most common causes of accidents: speeding and following other cars too closely. Added benefits are removing points from your driving record and protecting yourself against auto insurance rate hikes. In essence, defensive driving saves lives and saves money!

  • More FAQs...

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